Aishiteruze Baby

I had to copy and paste the title heading for this one. This is one of those impossible to spell Japanese titles. Still, I enjoyed Ashatazauare Baby. As someone who has friends with adorable toddlers, this was right up my alley. But is there more to Aisheetrazuey Baby than an adorable heroine? Surprisingly, yes. This is “Aysheteruzureze Baby”.

Plot: Kippei has too many girlfriend! …That was fast. One day, some startling news arrives at Kippei’s house: His aunt up and disappeared, leaving her five-year-old daughter alone with Kippei and his family. For some reason, even though his sister seems to distrust him, she delegates the task of raising Yuzu (our adorable heroine) to Kippei. The other family members go for this, again without much reason, and Kippei is now Big Brother Kippei. The two quickly bond as Kippei learns the value of friendship, responsibility, and spending less time with his too many girlfriend. Seriously, first panel of the series.

I enjoyed Yuzu’s dialogue very much, but that’s typical for a child in something like this. I feel a little guilty, since the whole this is “LOOK HOW ADORABLE CHILDREN CAN BE!” But there’s plenty of successful manga titles where no one complains about pandering to cute-obsessed people. Personal favorite example, “Yotsuba&!”. Even frightening semi-terrorist online organizations can’t ruin the innocence of Yotsuba. Therefore, the most powerful force in manga is cuteness.

I’d say that Aishytiruseze Baby is helpful if you want to raise a five-year-old, but I won’t since I can’t say that for sure. Just like you shouldn’t learn baking from “Yakittate!! Japan” or music from “K-on!” or fixing electronics from “Hikkatsu!” or anything from “Kanpai!” or anything else from any other manga with an exclamation point in the title, I wouldn’t take techniques from this manga. Although it would be wise to learn cooking from “Oishinbo”.

Aishiteruze Babby (at least I spelled the first half right this time) is great for people who like cute soft-hearted stories. Is there drama and conflict all the way? Certainly. But it’s fairly overshadowed by Yuzu, who, while she cries in every chapter, is adorable. And I’ll take a child who doesn’t die from piloting a giant robot over one that does any day.

Favorite Quote:
Yuzu: “Ken, Yuzu is sorry for slapping you the other day.” Ken: “I’m a man, so it’s okay now!”

Overall Opinion:
I also wouldn’t learn maiding from “Maid-Sama!”, playing with plushies from “Nui!”, saving the world from “Dokkoida?!”, or dieting from “Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolution”. It doesn’t have an exclamation point, but it also isn’t helpful with dieting. I just realized, most of my Overall Opinions aren’t relevant to the review anymore.

Rating: Two Thumbs Up, Three Stars out of Five, and a “C+”.


Vampire Cheerleaders

You did see the title, right? Was there any doubt that I was going to hate this? “Vampire Cheerleaders” is right up there with “Zombie Supermodels” and “Frankstein’s Monster Strippers”. Alas, it’s not the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. One of the stupidest? Certainly. But let’s read on.

Before we begin, let me liken Vampire Cheerleaders to something else to explain what’s wrong with it: “Sleepover”, starring Alexa Vega (it also has Steve Carrel). Why this specifically? Because actual human dialogue and reactions are thrown out the window in favor of fan service. Clearly some numbnuck wanted to see Alexa Vega sneak out of her house, sniff a guy’s shoe (‘mmmmm…” she went, while everyone watching went “ewwwwwww…”), tell a girl that if she doesn’t get into a party, she’ll turn into a geek like her (‘GO RIGHT IN!” she said, rather than being offended and punching her in the face), and just generally suck. This is the kind of horrors we see in Vampire Cheerleaders, just more whore-iffic. Lack of plot, coming up!

Plot: A vampire cheerleader goes missing (right after getting impaled through her back with a stick shift that wasn’t sharp), so it’s up to the Vampire Cheerleaders to get a new recruit for the big game! They choose Heather, a sweet girl who will definitely not make me angry the more I read on. She gets turned into a vampire, and rather than being angry or upset to be vampired, she exclaims, “COOL!” Great. She apparently hates her parents, so she drinks their blood and hypnotizes the father to do the mother. Ew. Heather’s friend Leonard tries to go against the vampires with some pretty clever ideas, like eating lots of garlic to make Lori, the lead vampire, vomit blood when she drinks his. The backup plan to stop Leonard from exposing their secret? All five bang his brains out. I think together. Yes, an orgy. EWWWWWWWWW.

See girls? All you need to do is sleep with your enemies and you’ve got it made in the shade. Not, say, talking through your problems. How silly. This is the problem with a lot of female characters nowadays, specifically in American pop culture. There are some enlightened female characters, but they’re starting to loosen their private parts, usually as a series progresses. Also, personal irk: It’s okay to draw five nude girls with a nude guy, but nipples are out of the question? What kind of priorities are those? I don’t even like boobs, and this still bothers me!

The characters are all dumb, vapid, and shallow. The art is okay, but as I’ve said before, who cares about that if the content is so bad? This story was written by an American, and it shows. Not bad for an American manga, but not pleasant for any other kind of manga. My main concern, though, is that not enough people hate in online. At least that’s what I’ve seen. The answer, of course, is the fang service. And no, I didn’t make that pun. Vampire Cheerleaders beat me to it.

Overall Opinion: You know, Alexa Vega also sniffs a shoe in Spy Kids 2. Coincidence? I think not.

Rating: One Thumb Down, One Star our of Five, and an “F”.

However, we do have a second story, “Paranormal Mystery Squad”. Slightly better.

Plot: Stephanie, Charlotte, and Katie kill monsters for a living. But PETM, PETA’s monster counterpart (actually, PETA happens to be a bunch of monsters) prevents them from doing so by placing JC Summerfield on their team. Katie gets turned into a werewolf and has to live with not only a horrible period (ew), but turning into a monster! HA HA HA HA HA! …Eh.

The problem with this is that it’s too pop-culturey. With references to Doctor Who, Soul Calibur, and some movie I’ve never seen, the humor relies too much on “Hey, I’ve seen that too!” Aside from the period aspects, this story is actually kind of entertaining. I’d pick up another volume if only for this part of the manga.

Overall Opinion: “I WANNA HAVE MATT SMITH’S BABY!” “GERONIMO!” Hey, uh… you know Matt Smith didn’t invent that word, right?

Rating: One Thumb Up, Three and a Half Stars our of Five, and a “B-“.

Bokurano: Ours

Honestly, this isn’t the most depressing manga I’ve ever read. Granted, I’m only one volume in, but if you want a manga to be depressing, the sad aspects should be very strong in the first volume. Here, it’s obviously depressing, but not very strong. You might think otherwise, but after reading the works of Osamu Tezuka, I beg to differ. This is Bokurano: Ours.

“What, Osamu Tezuka, more depressing than a story about fifteen friends who pilot a giant robot and die off one by one? Surely you jest!” No, surely you’ve never read anything by Mr. Tezuka. Take Astro Boy, one of the oldest and most famous manga characters. Do you know his origin story? A scientist named Dr. Tenma has a son who gets killed in a car accident. First scene, and it’s already sad. But it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Tenma creates a robot duplicate of his son. Well, that’s sad. But wait, there’s more! Seeing that his robot son is clearly a robot, he wants nothing to do with him and abandons him. I could go on, but you get my point. People complain how depressing Bokurano: Ours is, but they haven’t been desensitised by the works of Osamu Tezuka like I have. I still get depressed when I read about the cute talking bunny that dies at the end of Lost World. But at least both Popeye the Sailormans live. Don’t ask.

Plot: Fourteen 7th graders and one 4th grader are given the chance to pilot a giant robot and defend the Earth. However, when the first kid finishes fighting the enemy robot, he suddenly keels over and dies. Each kid seems to have a back story for why they are the way they are, but it doesn’t matter since they’re just gonna die anyway. Do I sound desensitised to you? If I do, it’s because I didn’t find the first volume depressing enough.

Now the first volume of “Inubaka: Crazy For Dogs”, that’s depressing. A girl abuses her old dog, Ricky. She even says that she plans on buying a chihuahua when Ricky goes. But Ricky saves a chihuahua from a heart disease, only to die himself, much to the depressing sadness of Ricky’s owner. Now THAT’S depressing.

I could guess the cause of death of the kids a mile away. If you don’t want to get it spoiled for you since it’s not said in the first volume, skip the rest of this paragraph. Here goes: “The giant robot runs on life force”. Come on. If even I saw this coming, it’s clearly not a shocker. Now the motivation to use junior high kids to pilot a robot, that’s a bit beyond my guesses. But I’d say the aliens who gave them the robot hate preteens just as much as I do. Still, it’s not very depressing.

Now the first volume of “Your & My Secret”, that’s depressing. A shy guy and a macho girl swap bodies, only to find that the girl-in-guy is liked much more by the guy’s family than the guy-in-girl ever was. Also, now he-in-her has to deal with the monthly not-going-theres. Now THAT’S depressing.

The art is fine, aside from the robot and enemy designs. I just don’t feel the creator really put much effort into making original or interesting designs for these guys. Here’s something else: One kid and his dad are two very unlikeable characters. When the kid accidently crushes his dad with the robot, you’re supposed to feel bad, but I don’t. They’re so unpleasant, why should I feel bad? It’s just not very depressing.

Now the first volume of “Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl”, that’s depressing. Like I’ve said in my review, the parents just don’t care that their son is now a girl. Nor does anyone else, for that matter. In fact, like the girl-in-guy in Your & My Secret, they like him/her better. Now THAT’S depressing.

About the depressing stuff that I keep writing about… I’m writing all these examples because the sheer depressing nature of manga to begin with. I keep reading things about how depressing this title is, but if you want it to be depressing, make it upsetting from the get-go. Do not, say, change the ending to the Bokurano: Ours anime to a happy one because you “hate the manga”. It just hasn’t depressed me quite enough to put it on the “Depressing Manga List”. But if it gets sadder in later volumes, I’ll definitely let you know.

Overall Opinion:
It was okay. Not terrific. The human interaction is well done, but it’s not enough to hold the title. …Okay, one more. Now the first volume of “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei”, that’s depressing. A girl is cheerful and optimistic, but alas, she finds her teacher hung himself on a tree. Now THAT’S… okay, I know this is a political dark comedy. But what if he had died?

Rating: One Thumb Up, Two Stars out of Five, and a “C-“.


Well, I finally got Dokkoida?!, and I noticed something… familiar. The creator’s name, Yu Yagami, rang a few bells with me. I also found the art style familiar. It took me a while to put two and thirty-seven together, but for suspense’s sake, I’ll tell you one more thing. When I bought Dokkoida?!, I had in mind to hate it because of its ridiculous plot. It’s one of those manga that would star Rob Schneider, if that’s how manga worked. Long story short, this is the same guy who made “Hikkatsu!”. Yeah, the manga about a martial artist who smacks machines into shape, failing most of the time. Based on these two titles, I assume a few things:

1. Yu Yagami makes titles with terrible plots.
2. Despite that, he makes them work, but only in the most hilarious way.
3. Most of his humor revolves around “WHOA, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! …Too bad it didn’t work…”
4. In a serious situation the awesome thing works, excluding the martial artist killing his master.
5. Yu Yagami likes to stick punctuation in his unpronounceable Japanese titles.
6. I love this guy’s work!
7. Seriously, a martial artist who smacks machines into shape? Does that sound like a winner to you? If it does, then you’ll love Dokkoida?!.

Plot: Suzuo (I actually remembered the names this time) is such a loser! He doesn’t even have a suit that makes him… DOKKOIDA! One day, a girl looking for someone to work as Dokkoida asks him to wear the suit. He takes it, thinking it’s a toy, but quickly learns that it’s for real. He defeats an evil genius named Dr. Marronflower, and moves into a new apartment in his civilian identity. But who should be one of his new apartment-mates than… DOCTOR MARRONFLOWER! In HIS civilian identity! And guess what! THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER! HA HA HA HA HA! …It IS funny, actually. New foes arrive (and a rival heroine), all assuming civilian identity, and no one is the wiser. Not only that, but the girls fall for him! Now he has too many arch-enemy!

Like Hikkatsu!, this is funnier than I can describe. Undoubtedly, the plot sounds stupid out of context. But Yu Yagami takes this plot and rolls with it. The author of the original novels even wrote that he finds Yu Yagami’s Dokkoida?! to be even more hilarious than his own work. Now THAT’S a compliment. I’m gonna talk about the art for a moment. After reading this, I looked up Hikkatsu!. Lo and behold, the art was MUCH better in Hikkatsu! than Dokkoida?!. The moral? Always aim to improve, because one day you too may create a manga about machine martial arts.

I love the characters as well. There’s Edel, who can create golems with clay and her blood, but it depends on how well the sculpture is. Too bad she’s such an awful craftsman! HA HA HA HA HA! Then there’s Hycanth and Pierre, and S & M couple who uses Pierre to turn into any animal. Too bad he always turns into a useless animal like a koala or a fish! HA HA HA HA HA! …Look, I know I sound sarcastic and this blog was written on April Fools, but you really do have to see it to believe me. Yu Yagami has a sense of humor that I can appreciate. He’s a funny guy, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Mostly Spoiler-Free Ending:
VERY satisfying. Some titles which shall not be named (Chibi Vampire) don’t know how to end, but Dokkoida?! doesn’t have that problem. True, Suzuo doesn’t get a particular girlfriend, but that was never a major plot point. But everyone learns to love and live.

Favorite Quote:
“I just remembered! I have a relative’s funeral to attend!” (A line used four separate times to leave the area in an amusement park)

Overall Opinion:
Oh, I forgot to mention that Dokkoida looks like Ultraman in a diaper. Still, great manga.

Rating: Two Thumbs Up, Four out of Five Stars, and a “B+”.

Pikachu Meets The Press

In honor of the release of Pokemon Black and White in America (which, at the time I wrote this, I’m not in), I’ve decided to review a Pokemon manga. “But which one?”, I ponderly pondered. After all, I already reviewed “Magical Pokemon Journey”. I don’t want to review “Pokemon Adventure” since I don’t really have an opinion on it. And I don’t remember anything from “Pikachu’s Electric Boogaloo” (not to mention I don’t trust manga with “boogaloo” in the title). So I had two options: A Japanese 4koma or “Pikachu Meets The Press”. Since this game was not only released today in America, it also takes place in America, enjoy “Pikachu Meets The Press”.

With this review I’m dropping my complaints against American manga not being actual manga for two reasons: One, it’s not a valid complaint. Yes, manga and comics are fairly synonymous. And I’ve argued that manga is more likely to be sold in bookstores than comics. But who cares? Let untalented artists and writers make manga-like comics. I don’t have to read them. And two, let’s look at the situation realistically: KIDS DON’T READ AMERICAN COMICS ANYMORE. Sure, some do, but on the whole the fans of Superman or Archie are over 18. Comics are gritty now. Comic movies sell, but how many kids really read stories where Superman dies or Mr. Lodge bribes Archie to divorce Betty? Kids can’t and don’t want to keep up with this. Where am I going with this? Basically, I can understand aspiring American comic artists trying to keep up with what kids with read, so they have no choice but to write manga-ish stories. Rant over. Let’s start the relevant rant.

This is a comic/manga co-created by an American and a Pokemon creator. Honestly, I was sure the American drew this. As far as Pokemon manga I’ve read, this title always seemed to be the weakest. Short answer is “I didn’t find it funny or actiony”. Long answer? Let’s look at the plot.

Plot: In this collection of newspaper comic strips, Ash and his friends don’t travel around catching Pokemon, battling Pokemon, breeding Pokemon (really, Brock?), or doing anything like a Pokemon game or the show. No, they go to school! And not even Pokemon School, which exists in the games solely to list the Pokemon conditions on a blackboard. No, this is REAL junior high school! Read how excitingly Ash complains to his Pokemon that Gary gets all the ladies! Roll on the floor with laughter at Brock hitting on any girl he sees! Have your heartstrings tugged at Misty’s unrequited love for Ash! And did you ever want to see Pikachu shocking Ash like in the old days, also known as “Episode One”? Well, you got it! This has all of the things you didn’t want from Pokemon but got!

As a Pokemon fan, here’s a segment I like to call “They Don’t Do That In Pokemon!”

They Don’t Do That In Pokemon!: A Metapod can’t use Harden to ricochet a Rapidash’s fire back at itself! A mockery! Ash has way too many Pokemon with him at once! The Kanto Three, Pikachu, Clefairy, Metapod, Snorlax, AND Jigglypuff? Ridiculous! If you got trapped under a Snorlax, you’d probably die! I don’t care if it’s soft and fleshy! Dude weighs a thousand pounds! You’re a dead man! Starmie doesn’t bend that way! It’s more of a ninja star than a starfish! And finally, if Ash is such a bad trainer that all his Pokemon ignore him, why doesn’t he shove them into tiny balls until they behave? That’s probably why Pokemon only listen to you when you catch them! “Master, I love you! Just don’t put me back in the ball! I miss my kids!” Ah, Pokemon.

I guess I can say it now. I’m not really a fan of the show. I know, I only got into the games because of the show. But the games preceded the show, so the games will always feel better to me. Plus, the games caused less seizures. So an entire comic strip focusing on the show (actually, a weaker version of the show) doesn’t appeal to me. Sure, kids in the States saw the show before the games. But I’ll take playing over watching most times.

The characters bother me. The humans act like teenagers, the Pokemon has no respect for Ash, and I think it’s time for Ash’s mom to put ol’ yeller mouse to sleep for trying to destroy the house. It’s uninterestingly dramatic for a Pokemon comic. Do I really care that Ash didn’t give Misty a Valentine? That’s more suitable for Magical Pokemon Journey!

Look, I don’t really have much to say on the subject. Actually, looking at these huge paragraphs, that couldn’t be further from the truth. But the comic strip is fairly forgettable. This comic left me with an unpleasant feeling. Not one of Ash’s Pokemon care about him. They burn the curtains, vine whip the sofa, electrocute the family, spray water at… why isn’t Water a weaker type? Bottom line, this strip didn’t do it for me. Now I’m going to wait a month to play the new game.

Overall Opinion: “Pikachu Meets The Press”? More like “Pikachu Causes Ash Stress”! …Look, I’ve had insomnia for the past week. Leave me alone. Happy Pokemon Black and White release, America.

One Thumb Down, One Star out of Five, and a “C-“.

Skyblue Shore

This manga and I don’t like each other. It’s very mint, and by that, I mean I’ve stored it into the furthest corner of my manga collection in Israel, never to be seen again. This manga claims, “I’m quite soothing! With a name like mine, there’s no melodrama!” However, this is nothing BUT melodrama. And I hate the way the artist draws mouths. That really ticked me off. So let’s see “Skyblue Shore”, even though it would be better not to.

I associate this manga with another title entitled “Sand Chronicles”. When I first got access to money, I bought manga, the first of these being “Azumanga Daioh”, “Slam Dunk”, and the previously entitled title. I never shut up about Azumanga Daioh, so obviously you can tell how I feel about it. Slam Dunk is a basketball manga, which wasn’t bad, but I never got into sports so it’s not for me. Sand Chronicles tricked me the same way Skyblue Shore did: Making the cover very sweet and soothing, but the manga is nothing but melodrama. I was both shocked and bored when I read that the protagonist’s mother killed herself halfway through the first volume. Same situation here: Sweet, soothing, male characters’ sister died as a child. Ugh.

Plot: As a child, beach-loving girl made a male friend at the beach and received a gift from him. She never saw him again, until years later when his older brother rescues beach-loving girl from a booty-fondler (typical bad guy in manga with buses). She meets the boy from her childhood, who falls in love with her. But alas, she only has eyes for his brother, who’s like a twenty-something year old janitor. Since she’s a romance manga heroine, she’s unable to put “janitor’s younger brother” together with “childhood friend”. And what’s this? Do the brothers have a sister who’s in love with janitor brother? This is all made worse with the horrible mouths.

Okay, I don’t often complain about art since it’s not the art, but the message that counts. But the mouths… eeeeurghaaaarrrfffflll. All of them including… no, especially the males, have weird giant girly mouths. I’m surprised that when they open their mouths, tons of debris don’t start flying into them (thinking of a black hole makes this analogy work better). But the girliness of it all makes it worse. But let’s complain about more important details, even though this is a huge problem for me.

The childhood friend of ocean-loving girl is, in fact, the least important of the main characters in this manga. Even less important than the annoyingly abnormally colossal-sized mouthed friend of ocean-loving girl. Her, mouth, by the way, has probably destroyed a planet. Anyway, the childhood friend should be the love interest, not the pointlessly-placed janitor. Childhood friend is given no character at all. Actually, I’m not even sure if he really knows who ocean-loving girl really is. He has an inkling, but that inkling is all he’s given to do. That, and awkwardly wash her feet, demonstrating the relationship hierarchy here. I feel bad for him! At least, I would, but he’s not sympathetic enough for me to care.

Interesting translating error here! Janitor says to his not-sister on her answering machine, “I got rid of the molester”. But when she gets the message, it’s, “I got rid of the pervert”. No! Not pervert! It’s actually, “I got rid of the perret“! Not only is it the wrong word, but they spelled it wrong! The ultimate transgression! …Moving right along.

I’d just like to put here that I have trouble telling ocean-loving girl from childhood friend. The massive girly mouths do not help.

There was one saving grace. Ocean-loving girl’s mom is like a spoiled child, which I found somewhat funny (“Yuck, carrots!” is pretty much me as a kid, even though I kind of like carrots now). This saving grace is ruined when ocean-loving girl thinks to herself, “It’s so cute!” …What? Your mom is an immature brat who doesn’t support you by getting a job, and you think that’s cute? Look, I said it was kind of funny, but not when you’re on the receiving end! Plus, to me it feels a little disparaging.

Another problem I have is ocean-loving girl in general. She’s like so many characters before her, as in “willing to sacrifice your life for something as stupid as a watch you got from a guy you only just met”. If it was something along the lines of “the only memento I have of my late father who sacrificed his life to support us”, that would not only be fine, but kind of sweet. Even better if it shoots lasers. But to risk your life for an object from someone whose brother you’ll probably end up with at the end of the series? I like reading about naive characters, not brain-dead.

For me, manga is an escape into magical (and sometimes disturbing) realms. But melodramatic manga like this just pulls me back into reality. Personally, I could do without manga like this. Excluding “Brave Story”, that is. That’s magical, disturbing, and melodramatic all rolled into one! And it’s not Skyblue Shore!

Overall Opinion: “Skyblue Shore”? More like “Sad and Blue Shore”! …Actually, how about “Skyblue Bore”? Maybe “Skyred Shore”? Since red is usually connected to blood, you know. Maybe “Skyblue? Suuurrrre…”? This is an easy field to make fun of.

Two Thumbs Down, One Star out of Five, and an “F”.

Gurren Lagann

I’m not very familiar with Bandai as a manga-translating company, and now I know why. I’ve read three titles of theirs, and I’m not sure if it’s how the manga was written in the first place, or if they just suck. But Gurren Lagann makes for a terrible read.

When I read Lucky Star and complained that it was too boring, he responded, “Yeah, Bandai’s supposed to be a toy company, so it’s obvious they couldn’t translate good manga.” I wasn’t satisfied with this answer. Sure, a bad translating company can turn a prom queen into a pig, but I thought, “They must be able to have ONE GOOD TITLE. Just one!” Two titles later, I see that I might be wrong. Eureka Seven (rather, “Eureka Seven: Gravity Boy & Lifting Girl”, since they put it in tiny font and confused me) has a character say, “This is the reason I stopped being a girl… and stopped being a child.” Pretty lousy dialogue there. But here’s Gurren Lagann.

Plot: People live underground for some reason. They find a way out of the underground. They fight monsters who live on the surface, thanks to giant robots. That’s about it. Oh, and there’s some drama with a character’s dad. And another with the typical “THEY KILLED MY PARENTS! NOW I’M MAD!”

First problem I have with Gurren Lagann is the cover. Granted, the protagonist lying sideways on the cover, spine, and back cover is what got my attention to begin with. No, I’m distraught with how they explained the plot on the cover. The kid is blocking most of the text explaining what’s going on! Maybe Bandai was trying to be funny, but if this title is any indication of their humor, then obviously it failed. Also, why have the chapter listing on the back cover? Actually, no. It’s not the chapter listing. They shortened the titles to fit the back cover, so instead of, let’s say, “Keep On Digging Through The Underground!”, it’s “Don’t Stop Digging!” There’s no logic underlying it.

Now, onto the actual manga. First, I don’t get some of it, such as when they decide to name the combined robots “Gurren Lagann!” and almost all the characters say “That’s unoriginal!” Why? What’s unoriginal about it? They don’t explain, of course, since this is Bandai. The plot itself seems to have been done many times over, so I didn’t care for that. And the humor, well, wasn’t. The character Leeron might’ve been funny, but I found him/her lacking.

I’ve never had high hopes about manga based on anime or manga released in America because the anime adaptation was popular. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and Sailor Moon are good examples (didn’t care for manga Sailor Moon since it lacks what I love about the anime. I don’t know what that is, but it lacked it). But they can be good, such as K-on!. But in the meantime, I’m still trying to find that magical good Bandai manga. Maybe it exists… in a dream… I feel that should be in a romance manga somewhere.

Overall Opinion:
You know, I really only bought this manga because the kid on the cover resembles a comic book character I created. But I learned that spiky blue hair with red goggles is actually a pretty generic style in manga.

One Thumb Down, Two Stars out of Five, and a “D+”.