Comic Party (Tokyopop & CPM)

Welcome to The Manga Connoisseur’s Belated One-Year Anniversary Special! Today we’ll be reviewing not one, not three, but TWO HORRIBLE MANGA TITLES! YAY! Introducing “Comic Party” by the now-defunct Tokyopop, and special guest, “Comic Party”, by the probably-defunct CPM! Enjoy this dueling dual review!

When I first started this blog, I intended to review the Tokyopop version early on. However, I couldn’t really remember what it was about. Rather than read it again, I decided to wait until I found it hiding on my shelf. One year later, I came home with Comic Party by CPM. Needless to say I found an excuse to reread Comic Party by Tokyopop. So let’s get this review moving forward.

Tokyoplot: Kazuki is such a loser! He has girlfriend! Now you may ask, “Wait, isn’t that a good thing?” Nope. She hits him with a bat covered in nails to wake him up. I already hate this title. An extremely unfunny comic-relief character tells Kazuki that he should work on manga. After a very long, very unfunny, and slightly confusing scene at the “Comic Party”, which is a place for aspiring manga artists to sell their work, Kazuki decides to become a manga artist himself. And that’s pretty much it.

CPlotM: Same characters, same setting, but many different amateur artists work on this. Almost all of them are better than the Tokyopop version. Still, the Tokyopop version provided a backstory rather than throw the characters at us.

Both of these have the same problem as “Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolution”, being “no one knows about the game this manga is based on”. Isn’t the point of translating a title based on a videogame that… well… people actually PLAYED the game it’s based on? I wouldn’t have forced my brother to buy Pikachu’s Electric Boogaloo if we never played Pokemon. Why, I wouldn’t have made him buy it had I known how terrible it is. So why translate a manga if no one ever played it in the states? It just seems like a bad marketing strategy.

There’s not much to say about the Tokyopop version. It’s stupid, boring, unfunny, and about six and a quarter other negative connotations. Since we lost Tokyopop, it’s been a real shame that we lost some great titles. I recommend looking up Maid-Sama!, Ratman, Chibi Vampire (TO AN EXTENT), and plenty of other great titles. This is not one of them.

Overall Opinion: The quarter negative connotation is “meh”. Skip it.

Rating: One Thumb Down, Two Stars out of Five, and a “D+”.

The CPM version varies from story to story. One is very sweet, one is actually kind of clever, one is way too slow-moving and calm to be entertaining… but none really make the manga worth it. But again, if you happen to know these characters and want a less annoying portrayal of them, this is the way to go.

Overall Opinion:
Not worth it. But it does have fairly sweet and genuine moments, especially right after you’ve read the Tokyopop version.

One Thumb Sideways, Three and a Half Stars out of Five, and a “C-“.