Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamoroll

Well, after a hiatus, I have returned to review manga! Cuteness is something that Japanese culture runs off of. Hello Kitty, for example. Anything really, eggs, milk, Nixon… well, I assume Nixon, what with his flabby soft cheeks. Here’s a manga based off of that idea. …Cuteness, not Nixon. This is “Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamoroll”. And yes, I will refrain from using the term “kawaii”. We have a word for cute already. You know what it is? “Cute”. Let’s take a look.

Plot: Cinnamoroll is such a loser! He can’t even fly! …Even though he’s a puppy and not a cloud. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Cinnamoroll was raised by clouds. …That’s it? I didn’t get too far ahead of myself at all. Anyway, he learns to fly, meets other puppies on Earth (probably not, but whatever), and has adorable adventures with his new puppy pals. Diabetic yet? No? Well, you will be.

The many adventures Cinnamoroll has includes finding treasure, visiting a SPOOOOKY haunted house, talking to trees, clouds, unicorns, and collecting stag beetles. Now, I may only have a minor in cuteness, but… stag beetles? What? Are they cuter in Japan? I know that beetles are more popular there, but still. Does that seem to fit to you? Whatever. Moving on.

The characters are pretty one-dimensional, but for a manga aimed at who it’s aimed, I’m not entirely surprised. Cinnamoroll (who I could’ve sworn was called “Cinnamonroll”) looks like a generic version of the others, but I think that’s common for these types. The baby, Milk… wait, why is there a baby puppy? Puppies are, by definition, baby dogs. Anyway, he only speak in baby. He has translation, but it’s not worth much. Cappuccino is the typical lazy glutton (albeit obsessed with stag beetles), Mocha is a girly girl puppy with a flat personality, and Chiffon is a sporty girl pup. Basic archetypes here.

The only one to really stand out in my opinion is Espresso. He has so many qualities, but they’re enjoyable. He’s a tad snobby at first, but he warms up fast. He’s a painter, a rocker, a wealthy dog-about town. I enjoyed his appearances. That’s not to say I didn’t like anyone else. I just like him a bit more.

They have conflict, though, in the form of a devil cloud named Cavity. Huh. For some reason, he hates Cinnamoroll, but it’s yet to be explained. But other than him, it’s kid-friendly conflict. Cinnamoroll feels like an outcast, Cappuccino lost his pet, Santa can’t make it to Christmas… oh, Santa. He’s clumsy, apparently. I could believe that, but it also says in his bio that he doesn’t like sweets. Santa? Seriously? Is this the Santa I know? I don’t know Santa, but I don’t think this is him. Moving on.

There’s a human, but like any background character in any manga, she has no visible eyes, so she’s clearly not a focal point. Why put her in, I have no idea. Maybe they just wanted a human just to have a human.

Overall, it’s a cute little manga with a calm atmosphere and friendship and sugar and stag beetles and all those things we love. It’s sweet and precious, but maybe a little lacking.

Overall Opinion: Adorable but a bit flat, give it a go if you want to go “AWWWW!” a lot.

Rating: One Thumb Sideways, Three and a Half Stars out of Five, and a “B”.