Metal Guardian Lauren Faust

HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, this was quite the manga! Man, when you see Lauren Faust knock out evil robots the way she does… well, okay, whatever. But it’s Lauren Faust, man. So let’s see what she’s got in store for us.

Plot: Lauren Faust must protect her fan from evil trollbots! So she shoots any evil that stands in her way! Meanwhile, this is all because Lyra Heartstrings over there wants to be human and take the fan’s body to do it! And does Lauren Faust have a mysterious past? Uh, yes.

Turns out she’s a cyborg of sorts, at least, with a human brain. Craig McCracken figures it out, but Ms. Faust denies it and goes off into the sunset with the fan to leave us on a cliffhanger and let someone else direct her show. Huh.

April Fools aside, this was a pretty good manga. All the robot fights are pretty cool, which is something I really appreciate about the early days of manga in America. Left-to-right reading, not as much.

Lauren Faust, of course, is interesting, as opposed to boring. She’s got real personality, in comparison to usual robot guards in other manga going “I gots no emotion.” No sir! She’s got a sense of humor like no other, which the fan is quick to point out.

The cliffhanger does irk me aplenty, but oh well. Maybe they’ll have more Lauren Faust adventures! Tally ho and away!

I haven’t much else to actually talk about. This manga was very good, Lauren Faust is amazing, and pay your taxes. Geddit? Cause, like, a fool and his taxes are soon parted? April Fools Taxes? What? All that is wrong? Oh well.

Overall Opinion: I liked it, even if it didn’t really have Lauren Faust.

Rating: Five Elements of Harmony out of Six. The missing element is “Generosity”. It just wasn’t prevalent.