Haunted House

I do apologize for the lack of updates. I’d use an excuse that I’ve read a manga so bad that it left me in a state that disabled me from reviewing manga, but I just haven’t. However, there is a manga or two that come close. “Haunted House” isn’t one of them, but it can sure give a guy the willies!

‘Cause it’s Halloween.


I didn’t really care if it was the 31st yet.

Maybe I should be doing a Christmas review.

Since apparently Halloween = Christmas time for some people.


Plot: Marilyn Munster is such a loser! He doesn’t even have girlfriend! And his family is CA-RAY-ZEE! Well, spooky is a better word. See, he can’t get a girlfriend because his family looks like that of the Addams, albeit without the actual mystical monster elements (vampire, werewolf, and so on). Can Marilyn (okay, not his name, but come on) get a girlfriend? Or is his life doomed to be based on his family?

It’s a one-shot. Thank goodness, because the joke was dragged out from the first story. Not that it’s a bad joke, but it’s nothing new, really. In fact, the manga should have been over after chapter one. He meets a girl who likes his weird family. So… break up with her? Why? Isn’t that what you wanted?

Speaking of which, he dislikes how horrific his family appears. Why? This is the only family he’s ever lived with. Shouldn’t he have an immunity to their peculiarities? Okay, the whole “getting a girlfriend with spooky parents” makes sense. But come on. It should be fine for him by now.

The family itself is kind of cool. The mother looks like Morticia Addams, and the father like a vampire or something. The sisters are just gothic lolita girls, so whatever. Even the extended family is pretty awesome. Marilyn’s cousin is quite savvy for her age, and her parents aren’t half bad. Too bad the boring normal guy is our focus.

Towards the end of the volume, Marilyn seems to get it. He doesn’t want a girl because he genuinely wants her, but because it’s all about finding one to accept his family. He realizes that the right girl isn’t dependent on what his family looks like, but how he and the girl feel about one another. The ending is uncertain, but it’s pleasant, with hopes of a girl that might actually like him for himself.

This manga was… okay. Again, a one-shot, so at the end of the day, you can just move on to something else without much worry. Do I recommend it? Not really. As a one-shot, you won’t become too invested in these characters. However, I thing if you stumble across it, you might want to give it a try.

Overall Opinion: Seriously, why so Christmasy right now? I don’t even have any Christmas manga. I got one about an angel. Eh, we’ll see.

Rating: One “DARN!” out of Two.