Million Tears

Well, it’s been a month since my last review, but here I am, ready to lay it on you! This time around, we have a manga about… monster people? Vampires? I have no idea. It’s never clear what they’re supposed to be. This is “Million Tears”.

Plot: Human teen is such a monster! He’s not even aware of it! When his friends start disappearing, he’s like, “What did you do, mystery man?” And the mystery man says, “Hey, it’s what we do! We eat people and they’re souls!” “They are souls?” “Huh?” “You said ‘they’re’ souls. Are people souls?” “Now how could you have possibly inferred what there I meant?” “What where?” “Oh, whatever. Your a monster.” “Your what a monster?” “YOU’RE, OKAY?” And then the guy loses his humanity.

Typical pun to make after reading this: “Yeah, I shed a Million Tears after reading this!” Or maybe, “Million Tears? I think I need a Million Beers to wash away the memories of this manga!” I’m a teetotaler, so nix-nix on that.

Is it bad? Yeah. Why? Because it’s going nowhere slowly. It’s only two volumes long, but the first volume didn’t convince me to buy the second. Also, the lack of humanity for the three main characters drives me mad. So there’s the main character, who pretended to be a human to get rid of his…dull life, I guess? I don’t know. The problem is, he’s a jerk when he remembers who he is. There’s his friend, who’s nothing but a jerk. Not even that noteworthy. Least noteworthy of all is the “hero’s” girlfriend, who just… sits there. Barely speaking.

Her deal is that she died, then was brought back to life. I’m under the impression that she was brought back against her will, since she was extremely energetic and likable as a human, but practically mute as a… let’s go with shampire. In fact, the protagonist is also likable as a human, but is a pompous jerk as a shampire.

The shampires. Okay, the first guy to reveal himself as a shampire (the friend) just eats people’s existences willy-nilly. So when the hero’s parents get eaten and he’s not gone, he’s less upset than he should be, even if they aren’t his real parents. It just loses something in the act of humanity.

The guy whose life the hero stole (Hiromu) is a lot more enjoyable than the supposed hero. In fact, he raises the good point that Valeriana (the hero’s girlfriend) is practically a shell. But I have a point to bring up: We’re to assume that the hero stole Hiromu’s life. Wouldn’t he have to erase his existence to do that? Then no one would recognize him! Meh. I’m giving this manga undue credit.

Notice how I keep calling the protagonist the “hero”. I have no idea why. He’s not a hero of anything. They don’t fight an evil. Their backstory makes him out to be a little bit of a hero, but not by much. He’s just a guy in love is all.

That’s the biggest flaw of the manga: There’s no drive. Four chapter, and two are backstories while two are the fake Hiromu realizing who he is. Nothing of consequence really occurs, so why does this manga exist?

In the end, I don’t care for this manga. It’s dull, pointless, and with two volumes, you wonder why you even bought one volume.

Overall Opinion: I’d rather make a million tears on the pages of this manga. Skip it.

Rating: Three Tears out of a Million.