Noragami: Stray God


October! Manga review! Constant schedule slip! Yes, I don’t have a schedule. That’s how late I’ve been. Review!

Yato’s a homeless god working for cheap. He even wrote his number in a high school bathroom stall! The first third of the first volume focuses on Yato and his Shinki (spirits that become weapons) helping a bullied girl, while the remainder has the Shiki leave him and Yato meeting Hiyori, a girl who is able to see Ayakashi, basically a demon. Now they fight together! Also, he gets a new Shinki at the end of volume one. Trio of Power!!!!!!!!!!

Trio of Power!!!!!!!!!! notwithstanding, I kind of enjoyed the first chapter more than anything else. Spoiler paragraph to follow.

A bullied girl, driven close to the point of suicide, calls the number. Yato reveals an Ayakashi is turning everyone’s mood sour, which is hurting the girl. Upon her request, he vanquishes the beast, but everyone still bullies her. Makes sense, considering that bad things travel faster than good. So Yato takes her status as “bully victim” and changes it to “stranger,” essentially meaning she’s not noteworthy to her class, not that they forgot her. The girl, now with a second chance, stops talking in the third person and feeling sorry for herself. Yes, the third person.

Yato tells her that she’s the cause of their ill mood, which may sound cruel, but it has wisdom in it. As Tomska has said…


Teenagers r dumbbbb. One side of this is trying to jump that shark, while the other is trying too hard, repelling people instead of attracting them. You learn and, while society has taught us how evil the thought is, you change for others and yourself. It’s honestly a positive thing.

This chapter resonated with me on a number of levels, all of which are too personal to share with a handsome stranger such as you, Melissa. Or any other name. The drama felt real, monster as well, but I wish the tone remained beyond this chapter.

The rest is Yato with his new partner, Hiyori, who hit by a truck and now falls out of her body and has a tail when she falls from the flesh. They fight monsters and find dogs or cats or something. You’ve read such things before, like that kid who smiles too wide and acts like Sheldon Cooper. Muhyo & Roji. If you like the genre, and I do, pick up Noragami. But with the god angle and the girl who falls out of her shell, there’s more teased in this volume than attracts readers on its own.

Funny, check, decent art, but monster designs are disappointing. Not much of a horror manga, since it’s not. If you came here on that pretense, I fulled ya. You may go. But the suicidal girl in the first chapter does spark some realistic horror in those who know what it’s like to be bullied. For that chapter’s merits alone, I recommend “Noragami: Stray Gawd, Mom, I’m Old Enough To Date Keith! He’s Only 27!”


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