Tokyo Ghoul


Single man meeting nice normal ghoul.

Whatcha think? Good pun? Tokyo Ghoul is a horror manga that ran from Volume 1 until Volume 14. It has a lot of trite and basic monster-filled world elements.

Basically, Earth acknowledges the presence of ghouls, monsters that eat people. Ken goes on one wrong date with a real knockout ghoul and wakes up a half-ghoul. Ken now views himself unfit for the human life or the ghoul grind. Will Ken survive? I did say it’s 14 volumes.

My largest issue is the basic BS. Ghouls are whiny babies with the powers of gods.

“What does cake really taste like?” is one thing said because ghouls hate the taste of everything but flesh and coffee. Okay, food sucks, but you only need to eat once every month.

The “who’s the real monster” is in the air. I’m guessing the ghouls. Oh yeah, it is Columbus Day today. Fitting. But Parasyte this ain’t. What this is is vampire knockoffs. Super skin strength? Vampy. Unquenchable thirst for human parts? Vampy and Zombo. Brooding? All monsters throughout time. Not a fan of the basic bawling or brawling.

Art’s fine, if generic by modern standards.

I do like how Ken tries to find food he can eat, specifically through comparing himself to Metamorphosis’s Gregor Samsa. I’m a fan. Nice touch. Plus, at one point he curls up and looks like he wishes to die, only to realize there’s 13 more volumes and modern society is no longer satisfied with a work unless the creator has stated that he or she has agreed to tun it into a full-fledged franchise. Samsa curls up and dies in the end! It’s uncanny how similar these two are!


There’s the sense that he’s not actually finding food just because he doesn’t want to eat human flesh, but more to the point that he’s searching for some humanity to cling onto, even if “humanity” is nothing more than coffee grinds.


I like Ken enough that his angst never bothers me. Y’know, it’s justified. His friend who always has a hunch if something’s wrong to the point of trying to prevent Ken from seeing someone that Ken knows is a ghoul is kind of cool. How’s that for a run-on sentence? And the owner of the restaurant that serves as a hunting grounds for ghouls to dine is a swellow. Swell Fellow. He owns a freezer full of human flesh. I’ll have what she’ having, am I right? And then the professor who discusses the ghouls with a breadth of knowledge and with no kindness to his cohosts. He’s aight by me, dawgs.

I wish the manga focused more on characters than dumb boy fighting. But whatever. A good cast goes a long way. And a bad cast makes the movie Pixels.

Easy shot, come to think of it. May I try again? Buy the manga, guys.

“A good cast goes a long way. And a bad cast makes the complete works of Ed Wood.”

Yeah, much more proud of that one.


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