5 Characters In Manga That Would Be Horrifying If They Existed In Real Life

Man, manga characters sure are cute or cool, huh? But it’s Halloween, so here’s Read The Title, Please.

Jelly Jiggler from Bobobo-Bo-Bo-Bobo


Dude might be weak in Bobobs, but in real life, people would be scared of him for being made out of jelly. Plus, the constant instability.

Ogawa Ikue from High School Girls


Sure, she’s cute in High School Girls, or, as it’s known in Japan, Girls Can Grow Up and Write Perverted Manga Too?!?, but don’t you think she’d look scary in real life? Dem eyes are huge. I guess most of the girls in manga do. Let Ogawa represent, son.

Happie from Stargazing Dog

stargazing 002

Okay, Happie the Near-Death Doggie would be cute in real life. But man, could you be near him knowing that he’d be narrating everything you do? I suppose that’s not too horrifying, but trust me–it could be.

Mami Honda from Gals!

mamiLike Ogawa, she has big eyes. But also Ogawa, she’s in black and white. Now that’d be a fright for sore eyes. Oh, and I guess every other character is too.

Shiro Yamaoka from Oishinbo


Left: Yamaoka in the beginning of Oishinbo. Right: Yamaoka most of the series. Clearly, this foodie is a wizard. Keep him away from me.


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