Alice on Deadlines


Bodyswap manga is all too common. There’s girly girl in boyly boy, boyly girl in girly boy, girly girl in boyly girl, nerdy boy in tough guy, and brother in sister (both figuratively and literally, ick).

How about a shinigami in a girl’s body and the girl gets trapped in a skeleton?

Enter “Alice on Deadlines.” In a confusing series of events, Lapan, while trying to take over a skeleton, takes over sweet Catholic schoolgirl Alice’s bod. If you couldn’t tell, she’s the porn embodiment.

Lapan’s normal humanoid form is dull, so there’s no harm nor foul by trapping him in Alice. There’s not much a harm or foul skipping this manga either.

Ghost hunting! Never seen that one before! It’s extraordinarily dull, with the twist of who the ghost is being predictable. Hint: Is there one character no one could suspect? A man in a respectable position? Then it’s him. And the only other ghost hunting is in the subsequent chapter. It’s a singing eyeball. Ugho mugho.

Fortunately, there’s chapter three, where a guy who likes Alice dates her/him on a date. Alice has Lapan go for her while she’s still stuck in a skeleton’s body, and she trails the date. What follows is not only genuinely funny, but astoundingly sweet. Potentially, this may be where the series picks up.

Chapter four has a gay god go to the world because of his crush on Lapan. Alice and Lapan constantly call him a crossdresser, never mind that a female body is the form he holds on Earth. Okay, the series isn’t great.

The otherworld is brief and boring. We see flashes of Lapan’s company, but nothing of substance stems from it. But this is not a manga of substance. This is a manga of a cute girl in the body of a skeleton. That’s the draw, guys and gulls.


One neat running themeĀ is the various methods Alice gets around in public. Heavy clothing, pretending to be a donated skeleton for science class, walking around in public. I do love me some Alice.

Lapan though… generic lusty guy in a cute girl’s body. Icky icky icky P’tang Zuboing. I guess he works as a counterpart to Alice, though.

I can think of NO BODY who should read this, as I have a BONE to pick with most of the direction of this manga. But I do like Alice a SKELE-TON, and I seem to have caught FEMUR Fever! The art looks like slug vomit.