W… what exactly is this place?

The Manga Connoisseur, founded in 2010, has dedicated its life to the cataloging of almost every manga translated for American readers. The “almost”refers to popular titles (Naruto, One Piece, anything that has definitely made its mark on the internet), anything too gross (Octopus Girl almost made me vomit, Hentai in general), and manga based on another media, excluding straight-to-manga sequels, prequels, midquels, and those that stray from the source (Pokemon Adventures excluded, since it’s the most famous one. Movies and some, but not most, historical adaptations fall into this category).

I meant this place, literally where I’m crouching. This isn’t my patio.

I can’t help you there, sorry.

Why can’t I access any websites other than yours? Are you doing this? Who are you?

No, really, I don’t know. I’m The Manga Connoisseur, and I read manga and give a critique based on the art, story, writing, weird author habits, and the translation. Sometimes I deviate from the norm. I may discuss how Akira Toriyama uses similar themes in his large body of work. Perhaps I feel the need to compare MAR with Sharkboy & Lavagirl. Or I may just complete a series I only discussed one volume of. I usually, you understand, talk about one volume. Fair is fair.

Yeah, I see that, and all those reviews you were talking about. “Anime Openings” has zero videos. Sheesh, for a demigod, you sure have no sense of structure.

I’m not a demigod! Those 208 reviews were from Blogger, but it’s kind of a ghost town. I’d been considering switching over here, but I decided to go for it when they announced they’d remove adult content. I’m fairly clean, and they said they’d only set us old pros to private if it came to that. But  I don’t appreciate the shabby treatment. “Adult Content” is vague, but it was a good reason to escape the reader wasteland.

Cowardly for a satyr. Hey, I can see Ricky Martin. I think I’m at Ricky Martin’s house.

Now I’m a satyr? Look, enjoy Ricky. I’m out.

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